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Graced Conversations

Doing Better: A Different Conversation on Race

"Graced Conversations" is presented by Community of Grace of the Southern Tier.  Listen as Pastor Alicia invites guests of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds to discuss ways of healing tensions in our community, particularly racism and ethnic tensions.

Episode 1: A Conversation with Sarah Hogan

Pastor Alicia welcomes Ms. Sarah Hogan to discuss how to approach racial tensions, microaggressions, establishing dialogue, and ways to become an ally.

Episode 6: A Conversation with Rev. Marissa Mattox Heffernan

Pastor Alicia discusses discipleship and justice with Rev. Marissa Mattox Heffernan, Associate Pastor of New Hope Church of Rochester, NY.

Episode 2: A Conversation with Bill Hoover

Pastor Alicia welcomes Mr. Bill Hoover to discuss segregation in the church, and connecting with people outside of your personal comfort zone.

Episode 7: A Conversation with Ellie Rivera

Pastor Alicia talks with Ellie Rivera about multiculturalism and faith within a family, /the foster care system, and adoption

Episode 3: A Conversation with Cheryl Lyon

Pastor Alicia welcomes Mrs. Cheryl Lyon to discuss lack of diversity in local communities, why issues of racism should still matter to Caucasian-Americans who don't have an opportunity to interact with people of color, and how individuals can seek opportunities to build cross-racial relationships.

Episode 8: A Conversation with Annemarie Schultheis

Pastor Alicia welcomes her friend and public school teacher Annemarie Schultheis to discuss Jennifer Harvey's book "Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America"

Episode 4: A Conversation with Brianna Attey

Pastor Alicia welcomes Ms. Brianna Attey to discuss making space for conversations about racism and injustice, changes in local communities, and bridging generational gaps for mutual learning.

Episode 9: A Conversation with Dr. Major Barnett

Pastor Alicia welcomes Dr. Major Barnett to discuss the role education plays in cross-racial relationships and breaking stereotypes.

Episode 5: A Conversation with Rev. Elizabeth Ewing

Pastor Alicia welcomes Rev. Elizabeth Ewing to offer insights from an interracial family, seeing Christ in the face of every person, and avoiding recognizing racial blind spots in your own life.

Episode 10: A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Dave Wickins

Pastor Alicia welcomes Rev. Dr. Dave Wickins to discuss changes in perspective from childhood to adulthood about racism in one's community, and a call to ministry to serve a less homogenous population.

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