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Graced Conversations

Faith and Mental Health

"Graced Conversations" is presented by Community of Grace of the Southern Tier.  Listen as Pastor Alicia invites guests from the mental health profession to discuss the connections between mental health and our faith.

Mental Health: A Conversation with Doris Cheung

Pastor Alicia welcomes Doris Cheung to kick off the next series of conversations surrounding faith and mental health.

Personality Disorders: A Conversation with Counselor Anna Zaccardo

Pastor Alicia welcomes Anna Zaccardo to discuss personality disorders.

Eating Disorders: A Conversation with Shanel Boyce

Pastor Alicia welcomes social worker Shanel Boyce of Chrysalis Therapeutics to discuss eating disorders.

Counseling: A Conversation with Kevin Hope

Pastor Alicia welcomes Kevin Hope, founder of the Hope Center, to discuss mental health and the benefits of counseling.

Bipolar and Schizophrenia: A Conversation with Alexandriaa Buncy

Pastor Alicia welcomes Alexandria Buncy of the Rural Health Network a public health AmeriCorps member and public health Master's Degree student.

Veterans and Mental Health: A Conversation with Lt. Col. (Ret) Cornell Morris, US Army

Pastor Alicia welcomes Lt. Col. (Ret) Cornell Morris (US Army), director of the Binghamton Veterans Center, to discuss mental health for veterans.

Faith and Mental Wellness: A Conversation with Rev. Lisa Heckman

Pastor Alicia welcomes Rev. Lisa Heckman to discuss how people of faith perceive mental wellness.

Suicide [Part 1]: A Conversation with Jules Lee

Pastor Alicia welcomes Jules Lee of the Rural Health Network to discuss suicide and mental health first aid.

Dual Diagnosis: A Conversation with Alyssa Benner

Pastor Alicia welcomes counselor Alyssa Benner to discuss drug addiction and dual diagnosis of addiction with other mental health conditions.

Grief: A Conversation with Counselor Yvonne Lucia

Pastor Alicia welcomes Yvonne Lucia to discuss faith and grief.

Suicide [Part 2]: A Conversation with Rev. Harold Wheat

Pastor Alicia welcomes Rev. Harold Wheat  to discuss perceptions of suicide through the lens of faith.

Crisis Intervention: A Conversation with Counselor Chris Perez

Pastor Alicia welcomes Chris Perez of the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier to discuss mental health and crisis intervention.

Anxiety: A Conversation with Sarah Wallace

Pastor Alicia welcomes Licensed Mental Health Professional and University Professor Sarah Wallace to discuss anxiety and faith.

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